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Why Is It Necessary to Fix Your Car Scratches to Avoid Rust?

Scratches on your car make your vehicle look older and can lead to rust and corrosion. The small scrapes and scratches in your paintwork from rocks or minor incidents are best repaired as soon as possible in order to prevent rust and further deterioration of your paintwork and to keep your car looking new.

Types of Rust

There are two types of rust. There is surface rust, which sits on the surface of your vehicle.

The second type of rust is corrosive rust, which spreads through the panel of your car and eats away at the body of your vehicle.

Rust can occur within a few days of the scratch occurring if it is deep. Shallower scratches may take longer to rust, but either type of rust is still certainly a risk!

Types of Car Scratch Repair in Melbourne

Especially if you have a series of scratches, have them looked at straight away. The depth of the scratch on your car depends on the method of car scratch repair that our Melbourne professionals undertake.

If the scratch is etched deep into the paintwork, our mobile panel beater in Melbourne will strip the panel, prime it for painting and then paint it. We can professionally match the color of your paintwork, and the result will be professional – your car will look great again!

For light scratches, we use scratch removal polishes and waxes with great results.


Rust needs to be fixed when you decide to sell your car to obtain a certificate of roadworthiness. By fixing your scratches now, you get to enjoy the look and feel of your car now, and when it comes to resale, you will make more money on your vehicle…. and there will be no rust to cut out or fix.

For a quality aesthetic look for your car and to avoid rust build up contact our mobile panel beater in Melbourne for car scratch repair today.

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